Floating City

About This Project

Director: James Forni


DP: Yeva Dashevsky, Conor McCaffery, Josh Jones

Editor: Yeva Dashevsky

Music: Christopher Preissing


Kristina Isabelle’s vision of The Floating City was several years in the making, and once she engaged James Forni and Octane to develop and produce the project, that vision came to life. The Floating City is a multi-media production exploring feeling stuck or in transition, the place between this world and the world in our heads. The project featured several innovations, capturing the dancers in 1,000 frame per second slow motion and edge-blended video projections that formed a surface for the choreography to interact with before a live audience. James Forni directed a series of short films for the hour long performance piece that intertwined with Kristina Isabelle’s choreography in this surreal exploration of shifting environments through contemporary dance. The Floating City received critical acclaim for its Chicago launch before embarking on a multi-city tour.